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Brain Teaser to Exercise Your Spatial Skills

Want to test how good you are at imagining your body moving in space?
Try this brain teaser published on SharpBrains.com by Dr. Michelon. You will stimulate neurons used daily to find­ your way in the world. Continue reading

Brain Game: How is Your Sense of Direction?

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Do you easily find your way around or are you the kind of person who cannot tell left from right? Both of these spatial skills depend on the brain’s ability to compute locations, ours and those of objects around us. Here is a fun brain game to sharpen your spatial skills. You will imagine yourself in a different location and see if you can tell what is on your left or right. Continue reading

Brain Game: Is Your Mind Agile?

Decision-making, planning, problem solving, flexibility, inhibition, working memory, social and emotional control, are all supported by the frontal regions of the brain (behind your forehead). These skills are forms of rather high-level thinking and for this reason are called the executive functions. How are yours? Try this brain game to figure it out! Continue reading

Brain Game: How Good is Your Attentional Focus?

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

How good are you at finding things quickly in a cluttered environment, such as on your desk, or in the fridge? Is it hard for you, sometimes, to focus on the task at hand? Here is a fun brain game to challenge your attentional focus. Continue reading

Brain Games: Boost Your Verbal Skills

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Do you know where words are stored in your brain?
In the temporal lobes (in green here). If you are right-handed, your language skills will be mostly located to your left temporal lobe. If you are left-handed the lateralization is not so pronounced (note that both hemispheres work together in any cases, as they usually do).

Here is below a good exercise for neurons in your temporal lobes. Connections between words will be activated, increasing chances that these words wil be available when needed. Continue reading

Brain Game: An Unexpected Challenge

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Can you find differences between these two images (see below)? You have seen and maybe tried that game in the Sunday paper many times. You may like it or not or think it is too easy for you, but in fact it is a very good brain exercise. Continue reading