Memory Exercises

Memory exercises engage neurons mostly in the temporal lobes (in green here) and frontal lobes (in red) of the brain.

Try the 2 exercises below to stimulate your memory for names and your memory for lists of thing to do.


What’s your name again?

Memorize the faces and names of the 2 persons shown below.

Make sure you pay attention to the faces and their specific features.
To boost your memory for the names: Associate the names with familiar knowledge, that is someone you know with the same name or a common object or place which name looks or sounds similar to these names.

When you are done scroll down until you can no longer see the 2 faces and names on your screen.




Now do you recognize the two persons you memorized among the people below?
Do you remember their names?


Here is your list of things to do

Let’s try to memorize the list of things to do below. It represents the 4 actions you may have to take when you leave, say, the volunteer office: lock the door, take the cash, check the answering machine is on and put your organizer in your bag.
To boost your memory for the list you can either picture yourself doing these things or use the first letters of each to-do thing to form a word (acronym).

Take a few minutes to do so. Then switch off your screen.
When your screen is dark, count by 3s up to 30 (this is to make sure you are not keeping the items in mind by repeating them to yourself). Then and only then, write down the to-do things you remember.