Reasoning skills

Exercises that involve executive functions such as reasoning, planning, switching between tasks, and ignoring distractions engage neurons mostly in the frontal lobes of the brain (in red here).
Stimulate your reasoning skills with the 2 exercises below.



Reorder the words to form a meaningful sentence.
(Scroll down for solutions)

1. coffee I cream without like my sugar with but
2. a look book this how explains job for to
3. the only cold he water when but swim loves to is


What would you do?

What would you do if you were in each of the situation below? Try to find at least two answers. (Scroll down for solutions)

1. Coming back from a restaurant, you get home when it is already dark outside. You realize you have lost your key. And of course your cell phone battery is too low to make a phone call. What do you do?

2. While shopping, your break the hell of one of your shoes.What do you do?


Unscramble: Solutions.
1. I  like my coffee with cream but without sugar (or: I like my coffee with sugar but without cream)
2. This book explains how to look for a job.
3. He loves to swim but only when the water is cold.

What would you do: Solutions.
1. You could: Retrace your steps in hope to find your keys. Ask the neighbors to call a locksmith for you. Go sleep at a friend’s house. etc.
2. You could: Take your shoes off, buy new shoes, buy glue to glue back the heel, break the other heel of, etc.