Visuospatial Exercises

Exercises that involve using visual or spatial information engage neurons mostly in the occipital (in blue here) and parietal (in yellow) lobes of the brain.
Stimulate your visuospatial skills with the 2 exercises below.


Left or right turn?

Count how many left and right turns you have to make to go from the circle to the triangle. Make sure you follow the arrows.
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for solutions)

Let’s see…

You will need a paper and a pencil for this exercise.
Spend at least 2min. memorizing the 6 objects shown below, as well as where they are in the grid. To boost your memory, close your eyes and try to picture the objects in their correct location.

When you are done, switch off your screen. Then count backward from 20 (just to make sure you are not holding on to the objects’ names by repeating them to yourself.)
When you are done counting, take a piece of paper and draw a grid with 6 cells.
Write down the names of the objects you memorized, at their correct location.

Left or right turn: Solutions
You have to make 3 LEFT TURNS and 3 RIGHT TURNS.