Brain Fitness for Groups

“I simply love the program!  My Residents and Guests look forward to the exercises every month. I have a more consistent participation in this activity than any other! I have a higher than normal turnout for this activity than any other…The Residents feel you care about their brain function and well-being. It is nice to see them look forward to an enriching, not mind numbing, activity”.
– M. Dalba, General Manager, The Rockwood, MO.

“We started the program about 2 years ago and it continues to grow. We average 30-35 people from the community that like to come each month and we always have new comers. The participants have a lot of fun with it and it’s something that brings the community together. We want our doors to be opened to not only our residents but also to people in the neighborhood.”
– J. Ingoldsby, Community Relation Coordinator, Provision Living in St Louis, MO.

Brain Fitness At Home

I have gotten a lot from The Memory Practice’s exercises. My memory has improved and I am able to get words and memories in my mind more easily. I am able to figure out how to remember names. Maxine

I can again remember bits and pieces of what I read and remember important events! Lois

My mom has been with the program a few months now and it’s amazing how she loves to do the exercises as soon as they come in the mail.  I was hesitant at first since I thought it would be something she would never do and a waste of money. She’s actually very proud of herself when she completes the exercises which builds her confidence at 83 years old.  I even bought her a dictionary which she uses for her “homework” assignments.  Thanks! Denise

These exercise are very  helpful. They make me more observant and have improved my memory.Dot

The exercises have been very beneficial. Learning to focus more purposely and consistently is probably the most helpful aspect for me. Ardis

My memory skills have improved! Dan

Very helpful! I am doing better at learning bridge.

This was really a help for me. I can now safely meet people! Grace

Stimulating, thought provoking, challenging! Bob

The exercises are interesting and show how you can apply the principles to everyday life. I have begun implementing these principles and it is helping.