Brain Fitness for Groups

You know that your residents need both a healthy brain and a healthy body to stay independent longer. The keys to a healthy brain are variety and challenge. But it is not always easy to provide variety and challenge to your residents day after day!
This is why we created  the Active Brains group program, an easy way to organize brain fitness sessions at your facility.

The program provides everything you need:
. Paper-based brain exercises
. Detailed and straightforward instructions for the participants and the facilitator
. On-going email support

How does it work?

It is easy to organize an Active Brains group at your facility:
1- Decide how often you would like to group to meet (1h, 2h, or more each month)
2- Receive the exercises and instructions each month, by mail
3- Use our ongoing email support for any questions

Contact us now to get started and benefit from our first month 50% off special offer

Will my residents like the exercises?

We guarantee your success! Our brain exercises are
– Senior friendly: paper-based, easy to read print
– Fun and challenging: all have been field-tested and approved by participants
– Scientifically designed: they stimulate the major cognitive abilities (memory, attention, verbal skills, visual and spatial skills, reasoning skills)

The Active Brain group program is a perfect alternative to computerized brain fitness programs:
- It is ideal for individuals not used to computers
- It provides social stimulation in addition to brain stimulation
- Sessions can also be opened to the outside community and serve as a great marketing tool

What other facilities say about the program

“I simply love the program!  My Residents and Guests look forward to the exercises every month. I have a more consistent participation in this activity than any other! I have a higher than normal turnout for this activity than any other…The Residents feel you care about their brain function and well-being. It is nice to see them look forward to an enriching, not mind numbing, activity”.
– M. Dalba, General Manager, The Rockwood, MO.

“We started the program about 2 years ago and it continues to grow. We average 30-35 people from the community that like to come each month and we always have new comers. The participants have a lot of fun with it and it’s something that brings the community together. We want our doors to be opened to not only our residents but also to people in the neighborhood.”
– J. Ingoldsby, Community Relation Coordinator, Provision Living in St Louis, MO.