Olympic Athletes Share Brain Training Tips

Athletes not only train their body to achieve physical prowesses but also their mind. Why such mental training? To “tune out distractions, reduce stress and anxiety and build the focus and stamina they need to achieve optimal performance”, as this Huffington Post article tells us. 

Olympic athletes shared their secrets with the Huffington Post. The result: 5 tips that can help boost performance in your daily life.

  • Visualize the outcome you want: the brain is getting trained for actual performance during visualization.
  • Meditate daily: to reduce stress, increase focus and attention span, and boost emotional well-being.
  • Evict the obnoxious roommate in your head: practice motivational self-talk to stop that inner monologue that you hear sometimes talking about fear, self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness.
  • Set smarter goals: write them down and put them someplace where you can see them every day.
  • Go with the ‘flow’: Getting into a flow mindset (i.e., being  ”in the zone”) means getting in a mental state in which one transcends conscious thought and achieves a state of effortless and unwavering concentration, calm and confidence.

These techniques and ideas can be used in any activity requiring practice (i.e.. music for instance) but also at work, school, or even at home to get better results and a more peaceful state of mind.

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