Join the Most Brain-Friendly Book Discussion

SharpBrains announces what can be expected  to be a very brain-friendly book discussion about the book “The Sharp­Brains Guide to Brain Fit­ness: How to Opti­mize Brain Health and Per­for­mance at Any Age”. To make the book as acces­si­ble as pos­si­ble, the e-book edi­tion is avail­able this week for only $2.99 (instead of $9.95).

Here is what some very credible review­ers say about the book:

  • “A great start for mak­ing sense of new brain sci­ence and for tak­ing active steps towards smart health.” — Misha Pavel, PhD, Pro­gram Direc­tor at the National Sci­ence Foundation
  • “A stim­u­lat­ing, chal­leng­ing resource, full of solid infor­ma­tion and prac­ti­cal tips for improv­ing brain health.” — Kirkus Reviews
  • “On a per­sonal note, I have to say I wish I had read this awe­some guide when I was much younger.” — Sci­en­tific American
  • “One of those books you can­not ignore. Insight­ful, to the point, action­able.” — Tobias Kiefer, Direc­tor Global Learn­ing & Devel­op­ment at Booz & Company

SharpBrains is host­ing eight webchats in Jan­u­ary to dis­cuss read­ers’ impres­sions and ques­tions about the book, and how to apply its sug­ges­tions in real life.

Don’t miss the discussion! Learn more HERE.

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