Brain Game: Is Your Mind Agile?

Decision-making, planning, problem solving, flexibility, inhibition, working memory, social and emotional control, are all supported by the frontal regions of the brain (behind your forehead). These skills are forms of rather high-level thinking and for this reason are called the executive functions. How are yours? Try this brain game to figure it out!

Executive functions allow us to switch from one activity to another, to assess the different components of a problem and make a decision, to inhibit inappropriate behaviors, to anticipate others’ behaviors, to control and manage our emotions, to prioritize actions, etc. Situations in which you use executive functions are thus very varied and encountered everyday.
These functions are the latest to mature and are usually the first to show decline with age. They are thus to be prioritized in a brain workout.

Here is a brain game to stimulate your executive functions: Use the rule below to decipher this message.








RULE: Replace each letter by the letter in the alphabet that is 2 positions before the letter written under the box. For instance:

A is two letters before C in the alphabet

So A should be in the box


To get the maximum mental stimulation from this try not to write down the alphabet.

What is the message? Tell us what you found in a comment below. How long did it take you?

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