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Brain Teaser to Exercise Your Spatial Skills

Want to test how good you are at imagining your body moving in space?
Try this brain teaser published on by Dr. Michelon. You will stimulate neurons used daily to find­ your way in the world. Continue reading

Test Your Skills with a Visual Brain Teaser

Want to test your visuospatial skills? Try this brain teaser published on by Dr. Michelon. A fun way to give neurons in your parietal lobes a good workout. Continue reading

Larry King Talks about The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness

To watch the pro­gram, click HERE (in the US) or HERE (out­side the US). It will open a 28-min video, with Larry King inter­view­ing Dr. Gary Small, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Alvaro Fer­nan­dez, CEO of SharpBrains and co-author of The Sharpbrains Guide to Brain Fitness along with Dr. Goldberg and Dr. Pascale Michelon. Continue reading

12 Weeks of Brain Training Enhances Brain Health in Adults

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Brain training can improve performance by physically changing the brain. A recent study observed such changes in adults: only 12 weeks of brain training increased blood flow and enhanced functional and physical communication across brain regions. These changes were related to improved abstract thinking. Continue reading

A Video Game to Reverse the Effects of Age on Multitasking

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Multitasking happens all the time, whether it is at home, school or work. It is never easy to do several things at once and this doesn’t get easier as we get older. Are there any ways to overcome such difficulties? Training the brain may be one. Playing a video game that train cognitive control seems to reverse the effects of age on multitasking. Continue reading

How to Improve Memory

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Lifelong mental stimulation is linked to better memory in later life. What about using a computerized brain training? Does it work? Is it enough? What else can be done to maintain memory through life? A new study adds evidence to the debate. Continue reading

Top Quotes and Free Chapter From The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

SharpBrainsGuide_3D_compressedI share the surprise and pleasure of my co-author Alvaro Fernandez at seeing what people find most inter­est­ing and note­wor­thy when reading our book. Discover here the 5 Most High­lighted Quotes in The Sharp­Brains Guide to Brain Fit­ness: How to Opti­mize Brain Health and Per­for­mance at Any Age. Continue reading

Brain Game: How is Your Sense of Direction?

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Do you easily find your way around or are you the kind of person who cannot tell left from right? Both of these spatial skills depend on the brain’s ability to compute locations, ours and those of objects around us. Here is a fun brain game to sharpen your spatial skills. You will imagine yourself in a different location and see if you can tell what is on your left or right. Continue reading

Brain Training to Fight Chemo Fog

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Did you know that up to 75% of cancer survivors report mental fogginess? There is even a term for it: “chemo brain”.  Brain training may be one way to regain sharpness. In a recent study, a group of breast cancer survivors saw their cognitive flexibility, word finding and processing speed improve after training their brain 4 times a week for 12 weeks. Continue reading

10h of Brain Training Keep You Sharp for A Year

By: Dr. Pascale Michelon

Computerized brain training is more powerful than crossword puzzles to optimize brain functions. A new study showed that 10h of playing a game that trains one’s thinking speed successfully improved players’ performance in many tasks, while crossword puzzles had no effect. Continue reading